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семинар 295

Понедельник, 30 мая 2016, 18.00, МГУ, Лаб. корпус Б (факультет биоинженерии и биоинформатики), к. 221.

Magnus Fontes

Институт Пастера, Париж, Франция

Sequencing complex phenotypes: from individual genes to whole genomes

The Healthy Human Global project is a globalization of the unique Milieu Interieur (MI) project coordinated by the Institut Pasteur in Paris. In the ambitious MI project, comprehensive sets of different omics-variables have already been measured on 1000 healthy individuals and are currently being analyzed in order to obtain an understanding of the variability of human immune responses. The goal of the Healthy Human Global project is to delineate the boundaries of healthy human immune responses for the global human population. I will present the healthy Human Global project, discuss the modelling and computation currently being undertaken in the project, and elaborate on the new challenges in modelling and computation that arise for these massive global biomedical datasets.
The Healthy Human Global Project

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